May 17, 2022 🛠️
  • Fixed a bug where past due dates for completed tasks were red (as if they were overdue)
  • Fixed a bug where the Confluence app action would fail if a doc contained certain image attachments
  • Fixed a bug that prevented field positions from being moved when editing a template
  • Fixed a bug that caused the UI to crash when trying to filter task assignees by a User Group
May 05, 2022 🛠️
  • Fixed a bug that caused the position of the formatting bar to break when the related doc sidebar was open at the same time
  • Fixed a bug related to Jira authentication
  • Fixed a bug in the Chrome extension that caused the position of
    Powered by Hugo
    label to break
May 04, 2022 🛠️
  • Adjusted the behavior for minimization of the primary navigation bar. It will no longer collapse automatically for users on small screens.
  • Introduced a new warning modal that will is triggered when attempting to leave a settings page without saving your changes
  • New onboarding experience for users that are not on a work calendar.
  • Fixed some more scheduling bugs related to timezones.
April 26, 2022 🛠️
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the cursor to jump for Safari users when shrinking the width of their composer
  • Typo fix for smart due dates when adding a task to a template
  • Fixed some UI bugs where legacy brand colors were still showing up in the product (scratchpad colors, billing page etc)
Zapier support for Tasks ✅
The Hugo app for Zapier now includes support for the following actions and triggers:
  • Action:
    Create task
  • Action:
    Update task
  • Action:
    Find task
  • Trigger:
    New task
  • Trigger:
    Completed task
This is fantastic for teams who want to send Hugo tasks to other apps used to manage their work. You can even configure two-way data flows so that a task completed in Hugo triggers that task to be completed in the corresponding app or vice versa.
Visit Settings > Apps > Zapier to grab your API key and start building Zaps with Hugo here.
Slack channel support for "Apply last doc"
When applying the last meeting doc to a new meeting, we have added support to ensure the Slack channel settings are carried over, in addition to the content and share settings that were already included.
In-app support for invoices and receipts
Admins of paying teams can now access and download invoices/receipts from the billing page of their account.
Support for Field responses in Slack posts
Field responses contained in documents will now be displayed in full when posted to a Slack channel.
April 18, 2022 🛠️
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a recurring series to break if it is being updated when the user is in a different timezone from when the series was created
  • Fixed a minor UI bug on the attendee list when wrapping onto multiple lines
  • Some minor formatting bugs have been resolved when content is pasted into Hugo from another app
April 7, 2022 🛠️
  • fixed a bug that could cause @mention chips to break when adding two mentions consecutively without a space in between
  • Fixed a bug in the calendar UI for week-view, if the user had only selected a single date in the previous screen
  • Removed some of the old Hugo branding when docs are posted to Slack
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