Better formatting that is consistent across all devices/browsers. I use several web-based apps for notes, task management, etc. I don't have nearly the issues with header formatting, paragraphs, and other styling on other web-based apps as I do with Hugo. Is it possible to get a better text/formatting tool for this software? I keep trying to come back to Hugo, but as I'm taking notes, the formatting is just really difficult to use unless you stick to just plain text with limited header styles. I'm happy to record my screen for my next meeting and show you just how cumbersome this is. During meetings, you often jump around in your notes to add additional notes or comments. Doing this in Hugo is very difficult sometimes. Trying to add a bullet point and then you have double spacing between some bullets and single spacing between others, as an example (in the same bullet level). You type the # symbol and the whole line changes per styling shortcuts (which would be great if these shortcuts could be toggled to be active or not).